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    Alberta Road Crossing Pipeline Agreement


    Grant another party the right to construct a road across a pipeline in Alberta with this Road Crossing Pipeline Agreement.

    • The oil company which owns the pipeline gives a second party (the grantee) the right to construct a roadway crossing the company's pipeline in certain designated areas of the pipeline right-of-way.
    • The grantee is responsible for locating and marking all pipelines that lie within the crossing area.
    • The road must be constructed so that it does not reduce the clearance between the pipeline and the existing ground level.
    • Before performing any sub-surface work, the grantee must locate the pipeline by hand digging and must not use any excavation equipment within a 1-metre distance.
    • The grantee will have the right to enter on the land to maintain, repair and remove the road.
    • This Alberta Road Crossing Pipeline Agreement template is a downloadable legal form in MS Word format. Other formats available on request.
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    Last Updated: 27-July-2021
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