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    Arizona RV Park Purchase and Sale Agreement


    Buy an RV park in Arizona with this comprehensive Purchase and Sale Agreement template.

    • The property being sold includes the land on which the park is located, all personal property belonging to the business, leases and intangibles, the business name, licenses and permits, and all documentation connected with the development and operation of the RV park.
    • The buyer will have a specified time period during which to inspect the site and perform its due diligence. The sale is conditional upon a satisfactory due diligence, and the buyer will have the right to terminate the agreement during this period upon written notice to the seller.
    • The parties will each be responsible for their own closing costs.
    • All taxes, rents, income, costs and assessments for the year will be prorated as of the closing date.
    • The parties mutually indemnify each other against claims and liabilities.
    • Earnest money deposits will be held by the escrow agent until closing, with interest accruing to the buyer.
    • Intended for use only in the State of Arizona.
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    Last Updated: 27-July-2021
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