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    Australia Legal Will Kit


    Have you made a Will yet? Do it now - buy this complete Australia Legal Will Kit which includes everything you need to make your will.

    If you have property, investments, stocks or other assets - whether in Australia or abroad - you need to make a Will to ensure that those assets are distributed according to your wishes.

    The Australia Legal Will Kit contains the following easy-to-use forms:
    • Last Will and Testament for Australia, with instructions to help you complete each section of the document and properly execute the Will;
    • Making a Will - Frequently Asked Questions, a guide that answers many of your questions about how to make a proper Will for your state or territory, how to appoint an executor and a guardian for minor children, how to make changes to your Will, etc.;
    • Estate Checklist and Worksheet for you to record all the personal information, and information about your assets and property, that is required to help you prepare your Will;
    • Information about the duties and responsibilities of an executor (trustee).
    Download your Australia Legal Will Kit immediately after purchase. All forms are fully editable.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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