Bankruptcy Forms

Downloadable bankruptcy forms and information about when you should declare bankruptcy, and what the long-term and short-term effects are.


Q. What is bankruptcy?

A. Bankruptcy is a legal process under which a debtor (either a company or a person) publicly declares that it is unable to pay its debts. Creditors may file a bankruptcy petition against a debtor (referred to as involuntary bankruptcy) to try to recoup a portion of what they are owed. In the majority of cases, however, bankruptcy is initiated by the debtor (this is called voluntary bankruptcy).

Q. What is receivership?

A. Receivership is a court-ordered appointment of a receiver to take custody of the property, profits and business of a party to a lawsuit or a debtor, to preserve that property. This process is used only if there is a risk that the property might be removed or disposed of before there is a final decision in the lawsuit, or to give the receiver control over the finances of an insolvent debtor for the benefit of its creditors.

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Notice of Appointment of Receiver

Give notice to a borrower that a receiver has been appointed over its assets with this Notice of Appointment of Receiver form.

  • The Notice must be served by a creditor / lender on a debtor / borrower after the debtor has defaulted in making payments and failed to cure the default.
  • Because of the default, the lender has exercised its right to appoint a receiver to take possession of certain assets and to carry on the borrower's business.

Get the Notice of.....


Ontario Order to Appoint Receiver Manager

Prepare an Order to appoint a receiver manager over the property of a debtor with this digital template for Province of Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Commercial List.

The receiver must have access to, among other things:
  • books, deeds, contracts, and papers;
  • accounting records, budgets;
  • computer systems, programs and storage media;
  • monies, cheques, remittances;
  • and all other records, information, and property of the debtor, in or.....

USA Bankruptcy Court Notice Provider Application

File a Notice Provider Application in Bankruptcy Court with this free United States Courts form.

  • The applicant agrees to comply with Rule 2002(g)(4) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure for providing notice to entities.
  • The completed application must be faxed to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Bankruptcy Division for approval.
United States Bankruptcy Court Notice Provider Application, Form B320 (01/08).

USA Directors Minutes Approving Voluntary Petition in Bankruptcy

Approve a voluntary petition in bankruptcy with these template Directors Minutes for a USA corporation.

  • The company's Board of Directors have determined it is advisable for the corporation to file a voluntary petition in bankruptcy, and they resolve to call a meeting of the shareholders to vote on the matter.
  • The template is fully editable and can be easily customized to fit your circumstances.
The USA Directors Minutes Approving Voluntary Petition .....

USA Qualified Settlement Funds Trust Agreement

Set up a Qualified Settlement Funds Trust under U.S. bankruptcy laws with this downloadable template.

  • This is an irrevocable trust that cannot be revoked once it is established.
  • A QSF trust is created under Section 468B of the Internal Revenue Code, following the filing of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition by a debtor.
  • A trustee is appointed to hold the assets and proceeds of the debtor until such time as the trustee settles with the creditors.
  • This.....