Blanket Synchronization & Master Use License


Secure the rights to use certain music for a motion picture with this Blanket Synchronization, Performing, Master Use and Mechanical License.

    • The copyright owner grants the film producer a nonexclusive perpetual worldwide right to record, reproduce, distribute, perform, export, sell and otherwise use the musical composition only in synchronization or timed relation with the motion picture.
    • The film producer also has the right to record, distribute, sell and promote a soundtrack album using the composition, and to release the composition as a single.
    • The producer will pay the owner a specified license fee immediately following the commercial release of the film.
    • The producer will also pay ongoing royalties for sales of the soundtrack album.
    • If the music is used in the finished film, the copyright owner will be given a credit in the titles.

The right music can make a strong connection with your film's audience. Download the Blanket Synchronization, Performing, Master Use and Mechanical License template for your film contracts portfolio.

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Last Updated: 11-Jun-2016