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    Alter Ego Trust Deed | Canada


    Prepare an Alter Ego Trust Deed with this easy-to-use template, pursuant to the provisions of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

    • An alter ego trust can only be created by an individual aged 65 or older.
    • The individual has the exclusive right to receive all income from the trust.
    • During the settlor's lifetime no person other than the settlor may receive or otherwise obtain the use of any part of the trust's income or capital.
    • Upon the settlor's death, the trust will hold any remaining assets for the benefit of other beneficiaries named in the Trust Deed. The trust will be able to distribute those assets to the other beneficiaries without the assets having to go through the probate process.
    • This Alter Ego Trust Deed template is governed by Canadian tax laws.
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    Last Updated: 30-April-2021
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