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    Asset Purchase Agreement | Canada


    Purchase the assets of a Canadian business with this comprehensive Asset Purchase Agreement.

    • The business is sold as a going concern, including assets, inventory and goodwill.
    • The amount of the purchase price allocated to inventory will be adjusted prior to closing based on the actual physical inventory at that time.
    • The transaction is conditional in part upon the parties completing all of their covenants that must be performed prior to closing.
    • Schedules include Definitions, Representations and Warranties of Seller, and a Non-Competition Agreement.

    This Canada Asset Purchase Agreement is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific needs.

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    Canada Letter of Intent to Purchase Business Assets


    Negotiate the purchase of a Canadian business with this Letter of Intent to Purchase Assets of Business template for Canada.

    • A letter of intent is not a legal contract, except for certain provisions such as confidentiality clauses which prohibit either party from disclosing any confidential information belonging to the othe rparty.
    • The buyer is offering to purchase all of the assets and goodwill of the business from the seller.
    • If the parties fail to execute a formal Purchase & Sale Agreement within a specified number of days, the letter of intent will expire.
    • If the seller fails to go through with the transaction for no reason, the seller agrees to pay the buyer's costs and a specified amount as liquidated damages.
    • This template LOI can be used in any Canadian province or territory.

    A signed letter of intent signals to other interested parties that you're already in negotiations to buy the business. Download the template and get it in writing now.

    Ontario Purchase and Sale Agreement for Commercial Property


    Buy and sell commercial real estate property in Ontario with this Offer to Purchase and Agreement of Purchase and Sale for Commercial Property.

    • The seller is responsible for all expenses and taxes on the property up to the closing date. The buyer is responsible for those costs from and including the closing date.
    • The seller is entitled to all rental revenues up to the closing date. From and including the closing date, the buyer will receive all rents from the property.
    • The seller will make available to the buyer all documents, authorizations, records, etc. to allow the buyer to perform its due diligence and complete its inspection and any environmental or structural audits required.
    • The buyer agrees to assume the existing tenants and leases, but is not obligated to assume any contracts for supply of products or services to the property.
    • The seller agrees not to enter into any new leases prior to closing, and will notify all utility and other services of the change of ownership.
    This Ontario Purchase and Sale Agreement for Commercial Property is available as a Microsoft Word file, and is fully editable to fit your circumstances.

    Ontario Offer to Purchase Business Assets & Shares


    Have you decided to buy an established business in Ontario? You can write up your offer to purchase the assets and shares of the company with this downloadable template.

    • The offer is for the assets (excluding cash on hand and receivables) and the shares, but not the debt obligations of the company.
    • Upon being accepted, the offer automatically becomes a legally binding purchase and sale agreement.
    • The buyer will not assume any of the business liabilities except for the premises lease, maintenance contracts and salaries of employees that will be kept on after the closing.
    • The parties agree to review and make any adjustments to the purchase price six months after closing.
    • It is the seller's responsibility to terminate employees, prepare financial statements, file the final income tax return and pay corporate taxes as of the closing date.

    Writing an offer to purchase can be easier than you think, if you start with this Ontario Offer to Purchase Business Assets & Shares. Buy it, download it, and get started right away.