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    Assignment of Rents | Canada


    Canadian lenders, secure the repayment of a mortgage loan by having the borrower execute this Assignment of Rents Agreement.

    • The borrower assigns to the lender all rent revenues from tenants in the property being mortgaged.
    • The assignment is given as security for repayment of the mortgage and performance of the borrower's obligations to the lender.
    • The rentals continue to be paid to the borrower / assignor until such time as the lender / assignee gives a demand in writing to the tenants to pay the rents to the assignee.
    • The agreement stays in effective until all of the monies due under the mortgage have been paid in full.
    • An Assignment of Rents Agreement is a good means of obtaining additional security for performance under a loan agreement. You can download it immediately following purchase.
    • This form is governed by the laws of Canada.
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    Last Updated: 11-May-2021
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