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    Certificate of Representations and Warranties | Canada


    Banks and lenders in Canada usually require corporate borrowers to provide a Certificate of Representations and Warranties.

    You can prepare the form with this easy-to-use template. Just download the MS Word document or copy and paste the text below.


    I, ______________________ of the City of ________________, in ________________________________, do hereby certify that:

    1. I am the President of __________________________ (hereinafter called the "Corporation") and as such have a full and complete knowledge of the business affairs of the Corporation in respect of the matters herein set forth and contained.

    2. I am making this certificate pursuant to paragraph ______ of the __________________________________ [insert name of agreement] dated _________________ between the Corporation and ____________________________ (the "Agreement")

    3. The representations and warranties made by the Corporation in the Agreement are true as of the date of the Agreement and are as accurate at the time of closing as if such representations and warranties were made at and as of such time.

    4. The Corporation has complied with and performed all agreements, covenants and conditions required by the Agreement to be performed or complied with prior to or at the time of closing.

    5. I am not aware of any facts that would make such representations or warranties false or inaccurate as of the date hereof.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand this ______ day of ____________, 20____,

    Signature of Officer

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