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    Canada Consulting Agreement for IT Services


    If you provide IT services for Canadian businesses, this Consulting Agreement template is an easy and fast way to prepare your client contracts.

    • The contract template can be used in any province or territory of Canada.
    • The IT consultant is autonomous and is not subject to supervision by the client's personnel.
    • This contract is not exclusive. The IT consultant has the right to work for other clients.
    • The consultant is responsible for its own employee deductions and remittances, and indemifies the client against any claims by Canada Revenue Agency or others with respect to its employees.
    • The IT consulting firm and its employees shall not disclose any of the client's confidential information.
    • Ownership of all deliverables under the contract belongs solely to the client.
    • The contract includes a non-solicitation clause to prevent the consultant from soliciting the client's customers or employees.

    To access the form, follow these three steps: 1. Add it to your cart. 2. Check out and pay for the form. 3. Download it.

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    Last Updated: 16-June-2016
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    Canada Consulting Services Agreement


    No matter what type of consulting services you provide, you need a good standard contract template. Download this Canada Consulting Services Agreement for your business.

    • The contract is non-exclusive. The consultant is free to provide consulting services to other clients or to be retained by other companies which may compete directly with the client's business.
    • The consultant agrees to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
    • Either party may terminate the agreement on proper notice.
    • Reports and other data generated by the consultant are the property of the client, and the client retains all proprietary rights in the data.
    • The Agreement can be used in all Canadian provinces and territories.

    Get the Canada Consulting Services Agreement and you can easily tailor it for your unique business needs.