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    Franchise Disclosure Document | Canada


    Canadian franchise laws require franchisors to provide potential franchisees with this Franchise Disclosure Document.

    The Disclosure Document discloses all relevant information about the franchisor and the franchise business as required by franchise laws and regulations for the Provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, including:

    • the franchisor's corporate structure and history,
    • the business experience of the principals of the franchisor,
    • any current or potential litigation involving the franchisor,
    • initial franchise fees and other fees to be paid by a franchisee,
    • financing, working capital, and estimates of annual operating costs,
    • restrictions on sources of products and services, and restrictions on what the franchisee may sell,
    • assistance and training programs offered by the franchisor,
    • government licenses, registrations and authorizations,
    • provisions for renewal, transfer and termination of the franchise,
    • financial statements and information,
    • forms and addenda to meet province-specific requirements.

    The Canada Franchise Disclosure Document has been updated to June 2020.

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    Last Updated: 04-June-2020
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