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    Licence for Use of Public Facility | Canada


    Rent space in a public facility to a user (tenant) on a monthly or weekly basis with this Licence for Use Agreement.

    • This agreement can be used for space in a town hall, community centre or similar type of facility.
    • This form of agreement is ideal for a tenant who wants to use the venue on an ongoing basis, such as for regular meetings, weekly or monthly social gatherings, etc.
    • The Licence includes an option for storage space, so an organization, club or society can store equipment and other items on the premises.
    • The tenant will pay a yearly usage fee, to be paid in equal monthly installments, and will also pay any applicable taxes or other charges related to its use of the premises.
    • The tenant must also carry adequate general liability insurance.
    • The tenant indemnifies the landlord against any liability arising out of any act or neglect by the tenant.
    • Available in MS Word format. Fully customizable and reusable.
    • Intended to be used only in Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-July-2023
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