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    Offer to Purchase Controlled Land | Canada


    Buy farm land in Canada for development with this Offer to Purchase Controlled Land.

    • Controlled land means land that falls outside of the boundaries of a city, town, village or summer village (for example, farm land).
    • This type of Offer is often used by a developer to purchase land adjacent to city limits for future development.
    • The vendor warrants that it is not aware of any proposed expropriation of the land.
    • The vendor has not received notice of any circumstance which might affect the zoning or use of the land.
    • The vendor is not aware of any environmental issues affecting the land.
    • The vendor will transfer title to the land over to the purchaser, on trust conditions, to allow the purchaser to secure mortgage financing in order to complete the sale.
    • This legal form is not province-specific and can be used in many regions in Canada with minimal changes.
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    Last Updated: 07-May-2021
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