Offer to Purchase Interest in Software | Canada


Make an offer to purchase an interest in a developer's software products with this comprehensive template for Canadian businesses.

  • The prospective purchaser wishes to buy an undivided interest in title to the software and source code created by the developer.
  • As co-owners, neither the software developer nor the purchaser is obligated to account to the other for income or expenses.
  • Closing of the transaction will be subject to the purchaser completing a satisfactory due diligence review of the developer's financial records and other relevant material.
  • If the offer is terminated without a transaction being completed, it will not release either party from liability for any breach of the terms of the offer.
  • The downloadable template is available in MS Word format and can be easily modified to accommodate your specific conditions.
  • The Offer to Purchase has been created in compliance with Canadian copyright and intellectual property laws. It can be used across Canada except for Quebec, where a French language version may be required.
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Last Updated: 20-Jul-2018