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    Share Subscription Agreement for Private Placement | Canada


    When doing a private placement of shares in Canada, an issuer provides certain documents to potential investors. One of those forms is the Share Subscription Agreement.

    • An investor who wants to purchase shares under the offering must complete and send the Subscription Agreement to the issuing corporation.
    • The rights, restrictions, privileges and conditions attaching to the shares are described, such as voting rights, rights to dividends, and rights on dissolution.
    • This template contains provisions for both shares and share warrants.
    • The subscriber acknowledges that because the securities are being purchased under a prospectus exemption, most of the civil remedies available under securities legislation is not available.
    • Once you purchase the Canada Share Subscription Agreement for Private Placement, you can customize it with your specific details and use it as often as you need to.
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    Last Updated: 19-March-2021
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