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    Cleaning Quote for Office Complex


    Commercial cleaners, prepare a written quote for providing cleaning services to an office building with this 5-page Cleaning Quote for Office Complex form.

    • The quote form lists the services to be performed, including carpeted and hard floor areas, hallways, bathrooms, stairs, elevators, lunch rooms, and building exterior and grounds.
    • The form can be filled in on a computer or printed off and used as a pre-printed form, to be filled in by hand at the customer's location.
    • This is a digital business form which can be reused as often as you require.

    Download the Office Cleaning Quote and personalize it with your company logo and details.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
    SKU: 7720
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    Cleaning Contract for Residential and Small Business Clients


    A professional cleaning service needs a professional Cleaning Contract form. Download this standard template for your residential and small business clients.

    • The Cleaning Contract form can be used for either a one-time hire or for regularly scheduled cleaning services (weekly, monthly).
    • The cleaner is responsible for complying with all regulatory requirements governing performance of the services, and for remitting all required taxes and employer deductions for staff.
    • The contract contains alternate clauses depending on whether the cleaner or the client will be providing cleaning equipment and supplies.
    • The parties mutually indemnify each other against damages or injuries to persons or property.
    • The cleaner is not liable for damage resulting from factors outside the cleaner's control.
    • The contract includes a schedule of cleaning services and fees.

    As soon as you purchase the Cleaning Contract, you'll be able to download the template and customize it with your logo, address and phone numbers.