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    Director Loan-Out Agreement for DGA Members


    Obtain the services of a director for a feature film on a loan-out basis with this Director Loan-Out Agreement for DGA members.

    • The director's services are being "loaned" to the producers of the movie through his/her own operating company. The Loan-Out Agreement sets out the terms on which those services will be provided.
    • The Agreement is controlled by the terms of the Directors Guild of America Basic Agreement.
    • The director will provide exclusive services for pre-production, principal photography and post-production, plus additional post-production services as required for the film and on a first-call basis, subject to the director's prior contractual commitments.
    • Payment will be made to the director's opco, which will receive guaranteed compensation on a flat fee basis, plus deferred compensation (a percentage of the director's wages), and contingent compensation (a percentages of net profits of the picture, if any).
    • The producer is not obligated to use the director's services in connection with the picture, or even to release or distribute the picture, but is obligated to pay the full amount of the guaranteed compensation regardless.
    • Credit will be accorded to the director in accordance with the requirements of the DGA Basic Agreement.
    • The template also includes a Letter of Inducement from the director, making certain representations about his/her relationship to the opco and indemnifying the producer against any claims or amounts arising from the director's work on the picture.
    • The Director Loan-Out Agreement for DGA Members can be used for both U.S. and Canadian film projects.
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    Last Updated: 30-December-2021
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