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    Directors Resolution for Stock Split


    Prepare a Directors Resolution authorizing a corporation to do a stock split with this downloadable template.

    • The Board of Directors authorizes the corporation to split its issued and outstanding shares of stock.
    • Each share of stock will be split, thus increasing the pool of issued shares.
    • This is a generic form (not country specific), and is fully customizable.

    Buy the Directors Resolution for Stock Split by adding it to the shopping cart and checking out. You can then download the template, enter your details, print it for signature.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 16-November-2017
    SKU: 1041
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    Canada Share Exchange Agreement (Reorganization)


    Issue new shares to shareholders in exchange for their existing shares with this downloadable template for Canadian corporations.

    • A share exchange of this nature is done as part of a corporate reorganization.
    • The parties to the Share Exchange Agreement are the corporation and all of the shareholders.
    • The shareholders agree to exchange their existing shares for new shares of a particular class following the reorganization.
    • The template also includes Directors and Shareholders Resolutions which are required to authorize the share exchanges.

    Download this Canada Share Exchange Agreement as part of your company's reorganization documentation.