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    Due Diligence Guide for Private Company Investment or Purchase


    Before you purchase or invest in a privately held company, do your due diligence with this 5-page guide and checklist covering such items as:

    • a review of the corporate documents,
    • shareholders, shareholder loans, guarantees, options and warrants,
    • financial review,
    • corporate borrowing, credit facilities, and debt obligations,
    • taxes and government compliance,
    • operations management,
    • products, competition, sales and marketing,
    • employees and senior management,
    • tangible and intellectual property,
    • legal action by and against the business,
    • overview of the company's insurance coverages,
    • third party consents and approvals required.

    Don't put your investment at risk by not doing your homework. Get the Investor / Purchaser Due Diligence Guide for private companies.

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    Last Updated: 31-March-2022
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