Film Score Composer Agreement (Work for Hire)


Hire a composer to write and arrange a musical score for a motion picture under the terms of this Film Score Composer Agreement.

  • The work will be deemed a work for hire. The composer will write, arrange, record, conduct, prepare and produce the film score as an employee-for-hire.
  • The score, recordings, copyrights and intellectual property rights will be the property of the producer.
  • The composer will receive 100% of the writer's share of performance royalties for the musical score.
  • The template includes a schedule which explains the method of calculating gross receipts ⁄ royalties payable to the composer in the event of a recording contract for the score.

You can customize the Film Score Composer Agreement and use it on subsequent film projects. Once you download it, you own it.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016