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    Florida Sworn Statement of Account by Contractor


    Prepare a Sworn Statement of Account to Owner by Contractor ⁄ Subcontractor with this downloadable template for Florida.

    • The Sworn Statement is given in accordance with S. 713.16(2) of the Florida Statutes, and is being made for the purpose of inducing the owner to pay the contractor.
    • The contractor or subcontractor (the 'affiant') lists all materials and/or labor supplied for improvements to the owner's property, and all amounts still due and owing for those materials and/or labor.
    • The affiant also swears that there are no lien claims in respect of the improvements to the property.
    • The affiant agrees to provide lien waivers for all labor and materials furnished for the improvements upon payment.
    • The file includes a copy of Florida Statutes Section 713.16(2).
    This Florida Sworn Statement of Account by Contractor template is in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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