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    Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising


    Potential franchisees have questions about franchising. Give them a copy of these Frequently Asked Questions along with their franchisee application package.

    • The FAQ topics include:
      • what type of experience and qualifications you need in order to be accepted as a franchisee;
      • management of the franchise;
      • the level of training and assistance provided by the franchisor;
      • marketing and advertising requirements;
      • costs, franchise fees and ongoing royalties;
      • standard terms of franchise agreements;
      • transfer or sale of a franchise;
      • operating procedures and standards;
      • inspections and on-site audits by the franchisor;
      • site selection and construction of the premises;
      • purchasing of products and supplies;
      • sales quota requirements.
    • Avaialble as a downloadable MS Word file, which can be easily customized for your franchise business.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 24-May-2022
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