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    Real Estate Sale Contract from Corporation to Natural Person | Mexico


    Buy and sell real estate property in Mexico with this template Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement Between Mexican Corporation as Seller and Natural Person as Buyer.

    • Parties. The land in question is owned by a corporation incorporated under Mexican law, and is being sold to one or more individuals.
    • Payment of Purchase Price. The purchase price is payable in US dollars. The buyer pays a 10% deposit at the time of signing the Purchase & Sale Agreement, with the balance due on closing.
    • Rescission. If the buyer rescinds due to a breach by the seller, the buyer is entitled to a penalty fee of 10% of the purchase price. If the seller terminates due to a breach by the buyer, the seller is entitled to keep the deposit as the penalty fee.
    • Expenses. The buyer is responsible for paying all expenses relating to the transfer of the property, except for capital gains and value-added taxes.
    • This template is provided in MS Word format, and is totally editable to meet your exact needs.
    • English language version only at this time.
    • Intended to be used only for properties situated in Mexico.
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    Last Updated: 07-January-2022
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