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    Mississippi Real Estate Sale and Purchase Agreement


    Sell a residential property with this Mississippi Real Estate Sale and Purchase Agreement.

    • The sale is contingent upon the buyer being able to a new mortgage loan. If the buyer is not able to secure the loan after applying in good faith, any earnest money deposit already paid will be returned to the buyer.
    • If the buyer fails to apply for the loan or complete the loan process, the buyer will be considered in default.
    • The seller is responsible for paying and satisfying any special liens, and for providing a new hazard insurance policy at closing.
    • The seller will pay the realtor's commission.
    • The seller will convey good and marketable title by general warranty deed and must provide a Certificate of Title that the buyer can use to obtain title insurance.
    • The seller must also provide a termite certificate.
    • The Mississippi Real Estate Sale and Purchase Agreement is available in MS Word format and is easy to use and understand.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 07-April-2021
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