Missouri Vehicle Storage Agreement


Write up a Vehicle Storage Agreement for a customer quickly and easily. Download this ready-made template for Missouri storage facilities.

  • This contract can be used for individuals or for businesses.
  • The vehicle owner agrees to notify the storage facility before removing the vehicle for use.
  • The vehicle owner indemnifies the storage facility against any liability for loss or damage to the vehicle and contents. The owner is responsible for carrying their own insurance.
  • The facility has a lien on the vehicle for any unpaid rental fees. If fees are not paid after 30 days, the storage facility may sell the vehicle.
  • No refunds for prepaid rentals will be given if the owner removes the vehicle before the end of the prepaid period.

This Missouri Vehicle Storage Agreement is a reusable digital form that can save you money in legal fees and printing costs.

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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2016