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    Nudity Rider to Actor Contract


    Prepare a Nudity Rider for an actor contract with this ready-made template form.

    • This rider should be attached to the actor's contract for any movie shoot that involves nudity and/or real or simulated sex acts.
    • The actor acknowledges being aware of the nature of the scenes, and consents to appearing nude or semi-nude and to taking part in the sexual acts.
    • The Nudity Rider to Actor Contract is an important contract template that should be part of your standard film project paperwork.
    • Buy and download the MS Word file, customize it for your purposes. Re-use as often as necessary.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 10-October-2019
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    Confidentiality Agreement for Film Project


    Do you own the rights to a project being considered for production as a motion picture? Protect those rights with this Confidentiality Agreement for Film Project.

    • The Agreement should be signed by any producer or filmmaker with whom you've been discussing the possibility of developing a project using your material.
    • The producer agrees to keep all information strictly confidential and not disclose it to any third party.
    • The producer will use the information solely for the purpose of evaluating whether to go ahead with a film treatment of the material, and will only disclose the information to individuals that you have approved in writing.
    • The producer will indemnify you against any loss or disclosure, and from all actions, claims or costs arising out of any breach of the agreement by the producers.

    Don't risk having someone else use your ideas - get them to sign the Confidentiality Agreement form before you let them see your material. This is a digital template that can be re-used as often as you like.

    USA Screenwriter Work for Hire Contract


    Hire a screenwriter for a specific motion picture project with this template Screenwriter Work for Hire Contract for US productions.

    • The screenwriter is being retained on a work for hire basis, as defined by United States copyright law. All ownership of the material developed by the screenwriter in connection with the motion picture belongs to the producer.
    • The screenwriter will be paid a fixed fee, plus bonus compensation calculated as a percentage of net revenues after breakeven.
    • The screenwriter will also be accorded writing credit for any completed production.
    • The screenwriter grants the producers a perpetual right to use his/her name, image and voice in connection with the marketing of the motion picture.
    • The screenwriter also assigns to the producer any right he/she may have in the material developed for the motion picture.
    This USA Screenwriter Work for Hire Contract is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.

    Loan-Out Addendum to Film Production Deal Memo


    If you're hiring loan-outs for a film or TV production, this Addendum should be attached to their Deal Memo.

    • This addendum should be used for any crew member / contractor that is a corporation or a loan-out.
    • The contractor represents and warrants to the producers that s/he is either the sole owner or the major shareholder of the loan-out corporation's issued and outstanding shares.
    • You can edit and re-use the template for all departments, and over multiple productions.

    Loan-outs require a bit more paperwork than other crew hires. Make sure yours is all in order - download the Loan-Out Addendum to Film Production Deal Memo form.