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    Nudity Rider to Actor Contract


    Prepare a Nudity Rider for an actor contract with this ready-made template form.

    • This rider should be attached to the actor's contract for any movie shoot that involves nudity and/or real or simulated sex acts.
    • The actor acknowledges being aware of the nature of the scenes, and consents to appearing nude or semi-nude and to taking part in the sexual acts.
    • The Nudity Rider to Actor Contract is an important contract template that should be part of your standard film project paperwork.
    • Buy and download the MS Word file, customize it for your purposes. Re-use as often as necessary.
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    Last Updated: 10-October-2019
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    Offer of Employment to Actor for Film Role


    Is there an actor you have in mind for a particular role in your next film project? Make an offer of employment to the actor through his/her agent with this downloadable offer letter template.

    The offer includes details about the project and the terms of employment, including:
    • the length of the shoot and the location(s) at which filming will take place,
    • the amount of the actor's salary for his/her work on the film,
    • amounts or percentages of deferred and contingent compensation,
    • credit provisions for both on-screen and advertising,
    • travel, accommodation, and per diem expenses.

    You can easily personalize each offer letter for every actor you're considering for roles. Download your copy of the Offer of Employment to Actor template and get the ball rolling.

    USA Actor Deal Memo


    Write up the terms on which a performer will be hired for a motion picture with this USA Actor Deal Memo.

    • The contract contains provisions for both SAG and non-union performers. Just choose the appropriate clauses for your project.
    • The wardrobe clause states that the actor will provide all wardrobe items, other than period costumes or specialty items which will be provided by the producer. You can amend this provision to fit the circumstances.
    • The producer has exclusive right to use the actor's name and likeness in connection with the picture. The producer will also have all merchandising rights, and will pay the actor a pro rata share of the gross revenues (less distribution fees) derived from the use of the actor's name or likeness in connection with merchandising.
    • The contract contains two dispute resolution clauses, one for SAG actors and one for non-union actors.
    • The contract also contains an employment eligibility requirement, in accordance with US immigration laws.
    • The performer gives the producer the right to make deductions from the performer's pay and remit them to the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund.

    Somebody has to write those deal memos. It's easy if you use the downloadable, customizable USA Actor Deal Memo template.

    Film Extras Employment Agreement


    Do you need extras and background performers for your film or television production? Sign them up with this standard Film Extras Employment Agreement.

    • The performer will not be paid additional wages for weekends, overtime or holidays.
    • The performer will get regular meal breaks and food services.
    • Screen credit will be at the producer's discretion.
    • The contract includes an immigration verification employment eligibility clause for USA contracts.
    • The parties agree to have any disputes handled in accordance with AFMA arbitration rules.
    • The form includes a Release Form authorizing the producer to use the performer's name and likeness, and confirming that the performer's services were rendered as a work made for hire.

    You can customize the Film Extras Employment Agreement for each project and use it as a fill-in-the-blanks template that can be handed out as needed.