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    Ontario Equipment Lease Agreement


    Lease equipment to customers under the terms of this template lease contract for the Province of Ontario.

    • The lessee is to use the equipment for its own purposes only with no third party access except for repair or maintenance.
    • Title to all equipment remains with the lessor, and lessee must protect lessors title to the equipment and agrees not to mortgage, charge or encumber the same.
    • The lessor has the right to register a security interest with respect to the lease.
    • The lessee is responsible for maintenance and repair.
    • The lessee accepts the equipment on an as-is basis.
    • The lessor will provide copies of manufacturer warranties, but gives no warranty of its own.
    • This legal document template is intended to be used in the Province of Ontario, Canada.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 27-March-2022
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