Property Appraisal Forms

Prepare appraisals, contracts and reports on land, buildings and other items quickly and easily with these customizable Property Appraisal Forms.

  • Buy downloadable template forms for licensed appraisers in the United States and Canada.
  • Get ready-made template appraisal forms for residential, commercial and agricultural properties.
  • These re-usable forms reduce your printing costs - no more ordering pre-printed forms, print only what you need when you need it.
  • You can personalize the forms for your company.
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Appraisal Checklist under USPAP 2-2(a) (USA)

This free appraisal checklist covers the reporting requirements for self-contained reports under USPAP 2-2(a).

  • The form references each section of the applicable Standards Rule, and a column where you can indicate on which page of the report that section is complied with.
  • The checklist includes a breakdown of the 2012-2013 changes to USPAP 9 Standards Rule 2-2(a)(x).

Don't take chances that your appraisal report doesn't comply with the requirements .....


Appraisal Services Contract (USA)

Create contracts for appraisal clients quickly and easily with this template Contract for Appraisal Services for USA property appraisers.

  • In addition to paying the appraiser's fee, the client will also pay any reasonable expenses of the appraiser.
  • The appraiser agrees to deliver the appraisal report within 30 days, unless delayed by factors outside of its control.
  • If the appraiser is required to give testimony in court, the client agrees to pay an hourly f.....

Canada Appraisal Report for Commercial Property

Do an appraisal on a developed commercial property in Canada with this Appraisal Report for Commercial Property form.

This appraisal report is for determining fair market value of the property. The appraisal contains:
  • a list of contingent and limiting conditions which may affect the accuracy of the appraisal;
  • description of the property;
  • valuation based on three approaches: Cost Approach, Direct Sales Comparison Approach and Income Approach;
  • .....

USA Appraisal Report for Acreage or Vacant Land

Do an appraisal of an acreage or vacant land in the United States with this template appraisal report form.

  • The appraisal is performed to determine fair market value of the property based on the three standard approaches - Market Comparison, Replacement Cost and Income.
  • The appraiser must disclose all assumptions and underlying conditions which may affect the accuracy of the appraisal.
  • The Replacement Cost Approach considers the current replacement value of .....

USA Exterior Only Appraisal Report

Property appraisers can prepare an Exterior-Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report with this free Form 2055 from Freddie Mac.

  • This is a standard report form that can be used anywhere in the United States.
  • This appraisal report is for a one-unit property or a one-unit property with an accessory unit, including units in a planned unit development (PUD).
  • Do not use this form for a manufactured home, a condominium unit or a cooperative unit.

USA Manufactured Home Appraisal Report

Use this free Freddie Mac Form 70B to prepare an appraisal report for a manufactured home.

  • This form can be used for manufactured home appraisals anywhere in the United States.
  • This appraisal report is for one-unit manufactured homes, including those in planned unit developments (PUD).
  • Updated March 2005.

The USA Manufactured Home Appraisal Report is a free form provided by


USA Uniform Residential Appraisal Report 1004

Use the Freddie Mac Uniform Residential Appraisal Report Form 1004 to prepare an appraisal report for a client.

  • The purpose of the appraisal report is to provide the client with an accurate opinion of the market value of the subject property, for mortgage financing.
  • This appraisal form should be used for single family dwellings, but not for manufactured homes, condo units or units in a cooperative project.

Freddie Mac Form 1004, USA Uniform Residential .....