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    Property Management Company Business Plan


    Prepare a Business Plan for a rental property management company with this fully editable template form.

    The purpose of the Business Plan is to secure a start-up loan from a bank or other commercial lender. The Business Plan template includes:
    • A market analysis and marketing strategy.
    • A financial model.
    • A Confidentiality Agreement to protect your proprietary information, such as financial data.
    • Instructions in each section to help you complete the document.
    You need a solid business plan in order to demonstrate to lenders and investors that your business venture is likely to succeed. This Property Management Company Business Plan template is totally customizable to fit your needs.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Production Vehicle Inspection Reports for Film Shoot


    Make sure your production vehicles are in good running order with this package of Vehicle Inspection Reports for film and television productions. The package contains inspection forms for:

    1. camera truck,
    2. cube van or truck,
    3. passenger van,
    4. grip truck,
    5. pickup.
    Each form has diagrams for indicating any damage to the vehicle, and a fill-in section to track gas, oil, fluids, condition of tires, battery, and electrical.

    Download the Production Vehicle Inspection Reports for your production office forms library. Routine maintenance inspections reduce downtime and keep repair costs down.

    Film Production Standard Operating Procedures


    Make sure all your cast and crew know what the standard operating procedures are for your film production. Write them up using this customizable template which covers procedures for:

    • approvals;
    • day calls;
    • overtime and upgrades;
    • daily production reports;
    • purchases and purchase orders;
    • petty cash and check requisitions;
    • payroll and time sheets;
    • personal vehicle and box ⁄ kit rentals;
    • recoverable assets;
    • promotions;
    • per diem and incidentals on out-of-town locations;
    • traffic accidents and tickets;
    • cell phones;
    • office supplies and furniture;
    • safety and personal injury;
    • production loss or damage;
    • lost or stolen property.

    You could write up your own set of Standard Operating Procedures for the production. Or you can buy and download this one and save yourself countless hours of work. Tough decision, huh?

    Production Services Agreement for Motion Picture


    Hire a production services company to supervise production of a motion picture project with this Production Services Agreement.

    • The producer (financier) will provide the financing for the picture, and the production service provider will oversee the operations of the film production, in line with the approved budget and production schedule.
    • The service provider will be paid an amount equal to the financing required to produce and deliver the film.
    • The financier will have right of approval over all expenditures and all business and creative decisions relating to the picture.
    • The service provider will contract with all personnel, suppliers, film labs, licensors, etc. in its own name and not as the agent for the financier.
    • As security for delivery of the picture, the production service company pledges all of its right, title and interest in the picture to the financier. The financier will be the sole owner of the copyright for the picture.
    • If the film goes significantly over budget, or if an event occurs which might permit a takeover by the completion bond company, or if the service provider defaults, the financier has the right to take over production of the picture.
    • When all elements of the picture have been delivered, or if the financier exercises its takeover rights, the service provider will assign all of its rights in the picture to the financier.

    Add the Motion Picture Production Services Agreement template to your production contract forms. This is a digital template which is easily modified to fit your specifications.

    How to Prepare a Business Plan


    Learn how you can prepare a professional business plan with this step-by-step article, which takes you through the drafting stages to the final printed version. You will learn:

    • what information must be included in the business plan to satisfy the requirements of lenders and investors;
    • how your information should be presented;
    • what to include in an executive summary;
    • how and where to gather industry information;
    • how the business plan should be constructed and written;
    • who should write the business plan, and why;
    • who should review the plan, and why.
    How to Prepare a Business Plan is available in MS Word format, and is easy to download and print.

    Production Requirements Checklist for Film Production


    Record the production requirements for a film or television production with this easy-to-use downloadable checklist, including:

    • production staff and crew - from producer to tool maintenance,
    • support staff (craft service / catering, security, police, etc),
    • cast, stunties, bit players, extras,
    • locations requirements,
    • equipment and vehicles,
    • production forms.

    This Production Requirements Checklist should be the first production form you obtain. Then as you fill each requirement, check it off the list.