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    Props Breakdown Sheet for Film Production


    Do a props breakdown from the script of a film or TV production with this easy digital template.

    You can use this worksheet to break down the props required by:
    • set and location,
    • interior or exterior,
    • day / night,
    The form is fully editable and can be customized for each project. Fill it in on your laptop or tablet, or print out copies to be filled in by hand.

    Get the Props Breakdown Sheet template for your props department.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Code of Conduct for Film Crew


    Film crews aren't always welcomed with open arms when shooting on location. Write up a Code of Conduct for your crew with this easy-to-use template.

    • The Code of Conduct is to be followed by all cast and crew during filming in order to promote a harmonious relationship between the production crew and residents and businesses located in the filming area.
    • Crew members are prohibited from trespassing on any private property other than the location where shooting is scheduled.
    • Filming permits must be posted in prominent locations and residents and business owners notified when and where shooting will be taking place.
    • Restrictions and instructions regarding parking, trash removal, smoking, etc.
    • The location must be restored to its original condition after shooting wraps up.

    Download the Code of Conduct template and use it for all your film projects. Fully customizable.

    Film Production Safety Guidelines


    Safety rules are essential on a film shoot. Prepare a set of Production Safety Guidelines with this easy-to-use template, and pass it around to everyone at your regular safety meetings.

    These guidelines are not suggestions - they are mandatory, and must be followed by all cast and crew during filming, whether on location or in the studio. The Guidelines cover:
    • ways to prevent injury and illness on set;
    • safety rules that must be strictly followed;
    • reporting violations or hazards;
    • safety meetings and records of meetings;
    • disciplinary action for violations;
    • how to prepare injury ⁄ illness reports;
    • responsibility of employees for safety of themselves and others.

    Failure to educate your employees and contractors about proper safety measures could leave you liable in the event of death or injury. Don't take that chance - get your copy of the Film Production Safety Guidelines.

    Costume Size Sheet for Film Production


    Create Costume Size Sheets for each cast member in a film or television production with this template form for the wardrobe department.

    The worksheet tracks:
    • each actor's size for all items of clothing,
    • sizes for hats and gloves,
    • hip and bust measurements.

    The Costume Size Sheet for Film or TV Production template is an affordable option for projects with teeny budgets. Download a copy for your wardrobe department.

    Petty Cash Expense Report for Film or TV Production


    Create petty cash reports for each department of a movie or TV production with this template Petty Cash Expense Report.

    • The report tracks all petty cash payments made during the reporting period, and the reason for each disbursement.
    • Space is provided to balance the receipts and cash on hand with the amount of the advance.
    • The form can either be filled in on a computer, or printed out and completed by hand.

    The Petty Cash Expense Report template is an affordable downloadable form that can help you keep your production office costs on budget.

    Daily Production Report for Film Shoot


    You can't budget properly if you don't know what each day's production is costing you. Use this Daily Production Report form to track the following items per shooting day:

    • crew calls,
    • script pages,
    • scenes,
    • setups,
    • retakes,
    • stills,
    • film stock,
    • in-out times,
    • meals,
    • overtime for all cast and crew,
    • extras,
    • absences,
    • delays in shooting.
    The form also includes a daily average Production Analysis and Advance Schedule.

    The Daily Production Report for Film Shoot is a digital template that can be filled in on a laptop or tablet, or printed off to be filled in by hand at the end of the day's filming.