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    Publicist Services Contract


    Sign up performers to your public relations agency and write your own custom contracts with this easy-to-use Publicist Services Contract.

    As the performer's publicist, you agree to provide advice and assistance in all areas involved with publicity and public relations, including:
    • choice of material to be performed by the artist,
    • attendance at functions and photo ops,
    • unpaid interviews in all media,
    • handling of press releases and articles,
    • dissemination of information about the artist.
    The Agreement also contains a clause appointing the publicist as attorney-in-fact for the artist, for approval and consent purposes. The publicist does NOT act as the artist's agent or manager.

    This Publicist Services Contract template is available in MS Word format, and is totally editable to meet your specific needs.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
    SKU: 5233
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    Songwriting Contract with Reversion Rights


    This downloadable Songwriting Contract with reversion rights allows a music publisher to acquire a songwriter's work for publishing while also providing a means for the songwriter to reacquire the rights.

    • The songwriter transfers to the publisher all of the rights to a song, in return for royalty payments.
    • The publisher agrees to publish the work within a certain time period, failing which the songwriter can demand that the rights to the song revert back to him/her (a right of reversion).
    • The songwriter acknowledges that he/she will not receive any portion of monies paid to the publisher by ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

    Your music publishing contracts are not complete without a copy of the Songwriting Contract with Reversion Rights. Buy and download it now.

    Recording Contract


    Production Agreement for Master Recordings


    Record producers, write up a contract to produce a demo for a musical artist with this Production Agreement for Master Recordings.

    • The masters will be used as demos and will be shopped around to various record labels in order to attempt to obtain a recording contract for the artist.
    • The artist retains ownership and control of all copyright in the masters and all recordings or reproductions.
    • The producer's compensation takes the form of a royalty and/or commission.
    • The artist has the right to hire other producers for other recording sessions.
    This Production Agreement for Master Recordings template is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.