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    Software Development Agreement with Perpetual License


    Create a custom Software Development and Perpetual License Agreement quickly and easily with this comprehensive template.

    • Under this Agreement a software developer agrees to develop a system for a customer and grants the customer a non-transferable, non-exclusive perpetual license to use the system.
    • Provisions of the Agreement include:
      • delivery and payment schedules,
      • acceptance testing procedure,
      • additional services to be provided by the developer,
      • indemnification of the developer by the customer (hold harmless provision),
      • confidentiality obligations of the parties,
      • warranties of the developer with respect to the software,
      • escrow of the source code which can be retrieved by the customer in the event that the developer files bankruptcy or ceases to do business.
    • This Software Development and Perpetual License Agreement does not contain specific references to the laws of any particular country and can be used in most jurisdictions.
    • The template is fully editable and can be easily modified to include additional terms and conditions or to exclude non-applicable provisions.
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    Last Updated: 05-May-2022
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