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    Sperm Donor Agreement and Waiver of Rights


    Prepare a Sperm Donor Agreement and Waiver of Parental Rights with this downloadable template contract.

    • Parties. The parties to the Agreement are (i) a woman who wants to conceive a child through artificial insemination, and (ii) a man who has consented to donate sperm for the insemination procedure.
    • Parental Rights. The sperm donor agrees that he will have no parental rights to the child, and will not demand custody or visitation rights.
    • Child Support. The woman agrees that she gives up all right to any child support (financial, emotional or otherwise) from the donor.
    • Paternity Suits. Both parties waive their rights to bring suit against the other to establish paternity of the child.
    • identity of Father. The parties also agree that no father will be named on the birth certificate, and that neither of them will reveal the identity of the donor as the natural father.
    • Dispute Resolution. The parties agree to refer any disputes to binding arbitration.
    • This is a generic legal contract which is not specifically governed by the laws of any country. It is a downloadable MS Word template which can be revised and used as many times as required.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 20-January-2022
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