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    Stock Equivalent Agreement for Employee


    Provide additional incentives to your employees as a reward for their ongoing contributions with this customizable Stock Equivalent Agreement.

    • The employee will be paid deferred compensation each fiscal year based on the earnings per share of the company.
    • The deferred compensation will be paid on the 3rd anniversary of the last day of the fiscal year, the death, disability or retirement of the employee, or the employee's resignation from the company, whichever is first to occur.
    • The employee's right to receive deferred compensation is forfeited if the employee is terminated for cause.
    • Non-competition clause which states that the company is not obligated to make any payments if the employee is engaged in any activity which competes with the company.
    • The Stock Equivalent Agreement is another way for an employer to incentivize employee loyalty and dedication. Buy, download, personalize, print and sign.
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    Last Updated: 28-June-2021
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