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    Stunt Performer Agreement


    Hire stunties for a motion picture production with this Stunt Performer Agreement.

    • The provisions of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Codified Basic Agreement are incorporated into the agreement.
    • The performer will be paid a fixed fee for the guaranteed employment period, and a weekly amount pro rated for each additional day ⁄ week beyond the guaranteed period (excluding location premiums).
    • The rate of compensation may be adjusted depending on the nature of the stunts involved, in which case the parties must agree on the adjustment before the stunt is performed, provided that any delay in determining the amount of the adjustment does not delay production.
    • The stunt performer will also receive additional compensation (as set out in the SAG Codified Basic Agreement or Television Agreement, whichever applies) for TV and theatrical exhibition, cable, and supplemental market exhibition of the picture.
    • If the role includes dialogue, the performer is entitled to continuous employment and 'right to role', and the parties will execute a separate contract in that regard.
    • The producer is authorized to deduct and pay the required amount to the Motion Picture and Television Fund on the performer's behalf.The Stunt Performer Agreement is a standard contract form that you can use on every shoot. Easy to edit and customize - download a copy for your production office.
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    Last Updated: 27-March-2022
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