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    USA Actor Loan Out Agreement for SAG actors


    Hire an actor on a loan-out basis with this USA Actor Loan Out Agreement for SAG Members.

    • The performer will provide his/her services during principal photography, as well as pre-production (rehearsals, production meetings, etc.) and post-production services (reshoots, ADR, etc.).
    • The actor will be paid a weekly rate for the services rendered, and a portion of the net profits of the picture as deferred compensation.
    • The relationship between the actor and the producer is not that of employee and employer. The actor is an employee of his/her loan-out corporation, and not the producer. The corporation is responsible for withholding and/or paying all amounts required to be paid with respect to the actor's employment and compensation.
    • The actor will be provided with transportation, a vehicle, an expense allowance, living accommodation, and dressing room facilities.
    • The actor will get screen credit and credit in paid advertising for the motion picture.
    • The actor agrees not to do anything that is prohibited under any policy of insurance covering the actor that is obtained by the producer.
    • The file includes a Letter of Inducement from the performer, which makes representations about the performer's relationship to the loan-out corporation, and indemnifies the producer against any claims resulting from the performer's work on the picture.

    You can customize the USA Actor Loan Out Agreement for SAG Members, and re-use it on future film projects. Download your copy now.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    USA Actor Deal Memo


    Write up the terms on which a performer will be hired for a motion picture with this USA Actor Deal Memo.

    • The contract contains provisions for both SAG and non-union performers. Just choose the appropriate clauses for your project.
    • The wardrobe clause states that the actor will provide all wardrobe items, other than period costumes or specialty items which will be provided by the producer. You can amend this provision to fit the circumstances.
    • The producer has exclusive right to use the actor's name and likeness in connection with the picture. The producer will also have all merchandising rights, and will pay the actor a pro rata share of the gross revenues (less distribution fees) derived from the use of the actor's name or likeness in connection with merchandising.
    • The contract contains two dispute resolution clauses, one for SAG actors and one for non-union actors.
    • The contract also contains an employment eligibility requirement, in accordance with US immigration laws.
    • The performer gives the producer the right to make deductions from the performer's pay and remit them to the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund.

    Somebody has to write those deal memos. It's easy if you use the downloadable, customizable USA Actor Deal Memo template.

    Animal Performer Agreement for Film and TV


    Hire animals to perform in a movie or television production with this Animal Performer Agreement.

    • The contract can be used to acquire the services of horses, dogs, cats, birds, or any other animal performers required by the script.
    • The animal's owner will have the animals available on the shooting dates and at the location(s) specified.
    • The animals will be accompanied at all times by an experienced trainer / handler.
    • The owner will ensure that the animals are kept safe and secure, and that they do not at any time pose a threat to persons or other animals, both on and off the set.
    • The owner must ensure that all rules and guidelines of the SPCA are followed, and that all laws and regulations governing animal safety are obeyed, to ensure the animals' safety and well being.

    Download the template Animal Performer Agreement for your next movie or television production that requires animals.

    Loan-Out Addendum to Film Production Deal Memo


    If you're hiring loan-outs for a film or TV production, this Addendum should be attached to their Deal Memo.

    • This addendum should be used for any crew member / contractor that is a corporation or a loan-out.
    • The contractor represents and warrants to the producers that s/he is either the sole owner or the major shareholder of the loan-out corporation's issued and outstanding shares.
    • You can edit and re-use the template for all departments, and over multiple productions.

    Loan-outs require a bit more paperwork than other crew hires. Make sure yours is all in order - download the Loan-Out Addendum to Film Production Deal Memo form.