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    USA Asset Purchase Agreement


    This standard form USA Asset Purchase Agreement includes a set of schedules and documentation you need to transfer the assets of the business from the seller to the buyer. The package contains:

    1. Asset Purchase Agreement setting out the terms and conditions of the purchase and sale;
    2. Schedule of Definitions used in the Agreement;
    3. Representations and warranties of the seller regarding the corporate status of the business, contractual obligations, taxes, financial statements, condition of the assets, and other material items;
    4. Miscellaneous standard contract provisions, including a bulk sales law compliance provision;
    5. Non-Competition Agreement to be signed by the seller.

    You can customize and tailor the USA Asset Purchase Agreement template to fit the specific conditions of your transaction. This digital download can be used for brokered and non-brokered sales.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
    SKU: 100
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    Domain Name Lease Agreement


    If you own a domain that you are not using, lease it out to another party with this Domain Name Lease Agreement.

    • Rent Payments. The rent can be paid either monthly or annual, at the lessor's option.
    • Adjustments. The lessor has the right to review the rent from time to time and adjust it to the current market rental for the domain.
    • Ownership. Full ownership of the domain name remains with the lessor. The lessee is not granted any option to purchase the domain.
    • Indemnification. The lessee indemnifies the lessor against any damages or losses arising from the lessee's use of the domain name.
    This Domain Name Lease Agreement is provided in MS Word format, and can be easily edited with your details to fit your circumstances.