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    Employee Nondisclosure Agreement | USA


    Did you know that half of ex-employees have stolen and used confidential data from their previous jobs? That's why you should have your employees sign this Employee Nondisclosure Agreement.

    • Applicable Law. The agreement is governed by U.S. laws.
    • Who Should Sign. New employees should sign the Agreement prior to starting work and existing employees should provide a signed copy as well. The form can also be used for directors and managers.
    • Scope of Protection. The confidential information covered by the Agreement includes all of your customer records, financial data, trade secrets, business methods, software applications, and proprietary processes.
    • Nondisclosure. The employee is prohibited from disclosing any such confidential information at any time, whether during their employment or afterwards.
    • Termination of Employment. The employee must also return all confidential information to the employer when his/her employment ends.

    The USA Employee Nondisclosure Agreement is a digital download that can be modified to fit your exact needs.

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    Last Updated: 02-July-2018
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