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    Irrevocable Trust Declaration | USA


    Prepare an Irrevocable Trust Declaration to set up trusts for the benefit of a grantor's adult children with this template form for the USA.

    • In the event of a beneficiary's death, the assets will be distributed per stirpes, but if the deceased beneficiary has no children, the share is distributed to the other beneficiaries.
    • The net income will be distributed at the end of each calendar quarter. The body of the trust will be paid to the beneficiaries when they reach a specified age.
    • The grantor cannot borrow any part of the trust property or income without adequate security and interest.
    • The property or income of the trust cannot be sold for less than adequate compensation.
    • This form is available in MS Word format. It can be easily customized to fit your circumstances.
    • Governed by U.S. laws and intended for use only within the United States.
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    Last Updated: 02-June-2023
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