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    USA Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement


    Sell a real estate property in the United States with this template USA Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement.

    • Fixtures. The property is being sold with all the attached fixtures, including window coverings.
    • Encumbrances. The property will be free of any encumbrances on title except for existing zoning laws, party wall agreements, easements, and the like.
    • Title Defects. If the seller is unable to perfect title or make the property conform to all building and zoning laws within the time agreed to by the parties, all payments made by the buyer will be refunded and the agreement will be void. However, the buyer has the option to elect to accept the property even if the title has not been perfected.
    • Adjustments. All rents, taxes, mortgage interest and other charges with respect to the property will be adjusted as of the closing date.
    • Default by Buyer. If the buyer defaults in fulfilling any of its obligations, the seller may keep any amounts paid as liquidated damages.
    • Financing Condition. The sale is conditioned upon the buyer obtaining mortgage financing.
    • Lead Disclosure. The agreement includes the required Lead Paint Disclosure form.
    This USA Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement is available in MS Word format and is fully editable. This is not a State-specific form. Some States may have certain requirements as to the type of contract form used.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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