USA Screenwriter Employment Agreement for Writing Team


Hire a team of two or more screenwriters to write the screenplay for a motion picture project with this USA Screenwriter Employment Agreement template.

  • The agreement is controlled by the applicable Writers Guild of America (WGA) Theatrical and Television Agreement.
  • The writers will be entitled to fixed compensation (flat fee), plus bonus compensation (based on final production budgets and credit allocation), and contingent compensation (calculated as a percentage of the net profits of the picture).
  • The writers will also get additional compensation for sequels and remakes of the picture, and episode and rerun compensation for any television series based on the screenplay.
  • The producer will have sole ownership to the screenplay and all materials created in connection with the screenplay, including moral rights. The writer acknowledges that the services are provided to the producer as a work made for hire.
  • The writers are required to maintain membership in good standing in the applicable labor organization(s) throughout their engagement under the agreement.

Download the USA Screenwriter Employment Agreement for Writing Team - it's fully customizable and can be re-used on multiple projects.

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