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    Software Development Agreement | USA


    Prepare contracts for your clients quickly and easily with this Software Development Agreement template for US software developers.

    • The developer will provide the deliverables, training and support.
    • The developer must meet the functional specifications and delivery and installation schedule agreed to by the customer.
    • Provisions for acceptance testing by the customer.
    • After payment in full, the customer will own the software and documentation.
    • Provisions limiting the developer's liability with respect to defects in the software.
    • Warranties of the developer with respect to the software.
    • Confidentiality provisions.
    • Remedies of each party in the event of default by the other party.
    • This legal contract is governed by United States laws and regulations.
    • Available as a MS Word template. Download the form immediately after purchase.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 28-December-2021
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