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    Surrogate Parenting Agreement | USA


    Prepare a Surrogate Parenting Agreement with this template form for USA residents.

    • Parties. The parties to the Agreement are the natural father, who will provide the sperm, and a woman who will act as surrogate mother and her spouse or partner.
    • Parental Rights. The surrogate and her husband give up all parental or other rights to any child born pursuant to the agreement.
    • Medical Tests. The surrogate and her husband will undergo physical, genetic and psychiatric evaluations, and the husband agrees to undergo any required tests to determine paternity of the child.
    • Prenatal Preparation. The surrogate will undergo prenatal testing, and agrees not to smoke, drink, or take any prescription or non-prescription medications without the doctor's written instructions.
    • Insemination. The surrogate will be artificially inseminated with the natural father's semen and if successful in becoming pregnant, will carry the child to term, barring any complications.
    • Compensation. For conceiving and giving birth to the child, the surrogate will be paid compensation for services rendered and expenses incurred, which is not to be considered a fee or as payment in exchange for surrendering the child for adoption.
    • Assumption of Risks. The surrogate and her husband assume all risks involved with conception, pregnancy and childbirth, and indemnify the natural father and his wife against any claims, including death, injury and illness.
    • Governing Laws. The contract is governed by United States laws.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 13-January-2022
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    USA Promissory Note for Vehicle Purchase


    Don't sell a vehicle to a buyer with the price to be paid over time unless you get them to sign this Promissory Note for Vehicle Purchase.

    • This form is for vehicle sales in the United States only.
    • The Promissory Note includes two interest clauses, one for annual interest at a specified rate and one for no interest. Use the one that best fits your situation.
    • If the title is transferred to the buyer, the seller has a lien on the vehicle until the balance is paid in full.
    • The buyer can prepay the outstanding balance at any time without paying a penalty.
    • The seller can repossess the vehicle if the buyer fails to make the payments on time.

    A promissory note is security for repayment of the amount owed. This USA Promissory Note for Vehicle Purchase is a downloadable legal form that you can customize to fit your transaction.