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    Warehousing Agreement | USA


    If you operate a warehouse storage facility in the United States, you can prepare your customer contracts with this ready-made USA Warehousing Agreement.

    • The depositor indemnifies the warehouseman against any claims for unpaid charges for shipping goods to the facility.
    • The warehouseman has the right to refuse to accept any goods that may be hazardous, or if the goods do not conform to the description contained in the agreement.
    • The warehouseman is not liable for any demurrage, detention, or delays in loading or unloading unless due to the warehouseman's action or inaction.
    • Upon request, the warehouseman will supply additional services, such as transit billing, physical checking of goods, providing dunnage, bracing, and packaging materials.
    • The warehouseman is not liable for any damage or for the loss of goods due to inventory shortages, unless caused by the warehouseman's negligence.
    • The warehouseman is responsible for paying transportation charges incurred by any mis-shipments.
    • Intended to be used only in the United States.
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    Last Updated: 04-February-2022
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