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    Wisconsin Waiver of Construction Lien


    Wisconsin contractors can use this Waiver of Construction Lien to release all or part of their lien rights after receiving a final or partial payment.

    • The Waiver is given under §779.05 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
    • By choosing the applicable provision, the contractor can waive its lien rights in connection with specific labor or materials, or only up to a particular date of payment, or give a full and final release of its lien.
    • The contractor must pay its subcontractors and suppliers for work or materials supplied during the period for which payment is being received.
    • You can re-use this template for all of your construction projects. The same form can be used for progress payments and final payments.

    Buy and download the Wisconsin Waiver of Construction Lien form. Just fill in the details, print and sign - it's so easy.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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