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    Agency Agreement to Operate Business


    Appoint an agent to operate your business with this standard form Agency Agreement template.

    • The agent is not acting as an employee of the company, but will run the affairs of the business as the representative of the company.
    • This type of contract is ideal for a business that does not wish to franchise but is looking to expand into a new territory without the expense of setting up premises and hiring staff in the new location.
    • All revenues received by the agent will be remitted to the company without deduction.
    • The agent will be reimbursed for its expenses in carrying out its duties.
    • This is a generic common law contract which does not contain specific references to the laws of any country or jurisdiction.
    • The Agency Agreement form is a MS Word template which can be easily modified to fit your unique needs.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 10-June-2021
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