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    Alberta Cannabis and Smoking Policies for Rental Building


    This 2-document package for Alberta landlords contains policies covering the use and cultivation of cannabis as well as a general No Smoking Policy for all rental units and common areas in the building.

    • The Cannabis Policy bans smoking, vaping or growing recreational cannabis anywhere on the premises.
    • Persons registered to use medical marijuana can apply for an exemption from the ban.
    • Cannabis use by minors is absolutely prohibited.
    • The No Smoking Policy bans smoking or vaping of any substances. There is an optional grandfathering clause for existing leases.
    • Tenants are responsible for ensuring their guests and invitees comply with the policies and for reporting any violations they observe.
    • Non-compliance with the terms of the policies will result in issuance of a 14-day termination notice in acordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.
    • These policies are written to comply with the laws of the Province of Alberta, including the Alberta Human Rights Act.
    • You can download the policy templates immediately after purchasing them. Available in MS Word format.
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    Last Updated: 31-August-2022
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