Set up a partnership or joint venture to do business in China with these template agreements and forms.

  • Fully editable and easy to customize to meet your business needs.
  • Currently only English language versions available. A Chinese translation may be required for validation.
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China Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Agreement

Set up a joint venture in China with this Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Agreement, in accordance with the Management of Foreign Joint Venture Enterprise Law of the PRC.

  • This joint venture can be between individuals or corporate bodies, with at least one party being resident in China.
  • Any party that fails to pay in its investment by the due date is required to pay a penalty calculated as a percentage of its total investment amount.
  • If one of the venturers wishes.....

China Sino-Foreign Limited Liability Joint Venture Contract

Set up a limited liability joint venture company in China with this Sino-Foreign Limited Liability Joint Venture Contract, in accordance with the Sino-Foreign Contractual Joint Venture Law.

  • This joint venture is between two corporate bodies, one a Chinese national corporation and the other a foreign company.
  • The parties will set up a limited liability company, which will be established as a contractual joint venture.
  • The foreign company's initial capital con.....