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    House Sitting Checklist


    Are you leaving a house sitter in charge of your home during a holiday or business trip? Fill out this House Sitting Checklist before you go.

    The 7-page house-sitting checklist adresses everything that needs to be done before you leave and everything your house sitter needs to know, including:

    • your travel information, itinerary and schedule, numbers you can be reached at, emergency contacts, rules and regulations, etc.;
    • letting your friends and family know when and for how long you'll be gone;
    • which areas and items in your home are off-limits;
    • any vehicle care and maintenance required;
    • care and feeding of any pets to be left with the house sitter;
    • suspending or continuance of utilities and services;
    • providing for the house sitter's needs (childcare, storage space, etc.);
    • grounds maintenance;
    • security protocols.

    This House Sitting Checklist Form is available in MS Word format, and is easy to fill out by hand or on the computer. It can be used anywhere.

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    Last Updated: 10-May-2022
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