Telecommuting Agreement


Employers, offer your staff the ability to work from home and reduce commuting costs with this Employee Telecommuting Agreement.

  • The employee must work the hours set out in an agreed work schedule and must complete work assignments on a timely basis.
  • Pay, leave, and benefits will all be calculated on the same basis as if the employee was coming to work at the regular workplace.
  • The employee must report any hours during which the employee is unable to work, for instance due to illness, in the same manner as if the employee was attending work at the workplace.
  • Overtime hours must be ordered and approved in advance.
  • If employer-supplied equipment is required, the employee is responsible for protecting it against loss, damage and unauthorized use.
  • The employee's telecommuting work station must comply with a set of health and safety requirements in order to be approved. The employer will conduct an initial inspection and ongoing regular inspections to ensure that the requirements continue to be met.
  • The employee is responsible for any tax consequences, and for conforming with local zoning regulations.
  • The employee must maintain regular hours of work to ensure coverage by Worker's Compensation, and must report all work-related injuries as soon as possible.
  • The file includes a copy of the Telecommuting Location Checklist, which must be adhered to by the employee.
This Employee Telecommuting Agreement template is a generic contract (not country specific), and is provided as a downloadable and fully editable MS Word document.
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